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Solidarity on both sides of the fence: how Mass has supported immigration reform

Those who are part of the Los Angeles immigration community or immigration support system may have heard about the recent rise in deportation-related protest. For those who are seeking permanent residency, the road may end in detainment, and some are seeking to end that.

In a show of solidarity with not only the immigrant population on a whole but also those who have died in order to try crossing over into America, a Mass was held recently at the border between the U.S. and Mexico. The Catholic Church is becoming one of the loudest supporters of immigration reform, making open criticisms like claiming that reform is being held hostage by politics. One bishop even went so far as to contact the Department of Homeland Security requesting that they limit deportations.

L.A., N.Y. and D.C. reminded that marriage fraud costs more than it is worth

Immigrants and immigrant supporters in Los Angeles may do whatever they can in order to aid immigrants. However, when it comes to obtaining citizenship, it is important for everyone to realize what they are getting into if they try to help someone become a citizen.

Some immigrants may have considered trying to circumvent the complicated immigration system by doing one of the more common short-cuts such as marrying specifically to gain citizenship. However, many people forget that marriage fraud is a serious felony. Because of this, a campaign has been started recently with the intent of reminding people of the severity of this crime. While they realize that large-scale marriage fraud won’t be stopped, there is hope that it will enlighten the public.

Congress divide maintains rocky path to citizenship for immigrants

For immigrants or families of immigrants in Los Angeles, patience with Congress may be running dry due to the continued waffling on immigration reform. There have been several changes that have been proposed for U.S. immigration law, but the House continues to deny even bringing measures up for a vote, creating even more of a divide between both of the parties.

In a move that many may find shows the continued Democratic Party support of immigrants and their issues, a petition has recently been filed in an attempt to force a vote on immigration issues. Despite this, people in both the House and Senate believe that the petition has no actual chance of being passed which will leave many immigrants in the lurch as immigration reform continues to sit on the backburner.

Activists set fight for path to citizenship aside for more pressing issues

Immigrants and immigrant activists residing in Riverside may have another issue outside of the fight for an easier path to citizenship to focus on soon. The number of deportations and detainments in America may not be dropping by an appreciable amount to many, making deportation defense a potential necessity for those who find themselves facing the possibility of being sent to a detainment center or forced to leave the country.

In a recent change of focus, many immigration rights activists and groups have started to shift their attention to the issue of deportation and detention rather than focus on the issues currently involving citizenship, which does not seem to be making as much progress as many had hoped for. Due to the fact that detention is considered a more “immediate” threat, many activists are urging others to start shifting their priorities as well.

Obtaining citizenship makes voting easier

It may be difficult for undocumented citizens in Los Angeles to go about their daily activities due to the limitations that they have because of their lack of papers. Without filing for citizenship, many important things are taken off the table, such as the opportunity to vote during city, state or national elections.

For example, a new law has just been approved which would allow for Kansas and Arizona to require citizenship proof in order for the person in question to be allowed to register to vote. Some believe it could be a setback for many groups of people, including out of state college students, older residents, citizens who have just moved into the state and, of course, immigrants.

Detainment centers not doing their job to protect detainees

Immigrants in Los Angeles may have heard about the recent swing in attention from citizenship-related issues to deportation and detention related issues. In fact, immigration detention is becoming a hot topic due to the many problems that are becoming associated with detainment centers, such as poor shelter, bad treatment and even potential danger levels.

There are many reported problems with immigration detention centers, including reports on how they may be treating the people incarcerated there. Much like regular prisons, people who fall under the LGBTQ spectrum may be at increased risk for abuse within a detainment center. In fact, some believe that despite recent measures taken to prevent violence in detainment centers, it might become more prevalent.

Poor conditions drive immigrants to fast in detainment center

In Los Angeles, where attention on immigration-related issues can be strong, a new battle is brewing. The problems that are arising in immigration detention conditions are slowly coming to light now, making more people outside of the system aware of how flawed and potentially problematic these facilities truly are.

In one detainment center, the immigrants are rising up in a peaceful protest against the condition of the facility that they are being held in. It has been reported that 330 of the detainees are part of a fast which has not yet reached 72 hours. Over half of the detainees were refusing meals initially, or roughly 750 out of 1,300. Some of the detainees have been placed on temporary lockdown due to their danger levels while the strike is ongoing.

House introduces bill that could hurt immigrants rather than help

Immigrants in Los Angeles who are waiting for their green cards may be in for some sour news. The path to citizenship is not getting any easier despite promises due to continued disagreement between the House and Senate.

A recent bill proposed by the House has now cast even more of a shadow onto the possibility of immigration reform within the year. Called the ENFORCE Act, the bill is supposedly not meant to target immigrants in specific, but it could dismantle the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy that is saving many youth from being deported. Though House members are urging the Senate to pass the bill quickly, it is reported that a large majority of the Senate are in direct disagreement with its contents and it is unlikely to pass.

Does being Atheist disallow you from not bearing arms for the U.S.?

When it comes to the immigrant community in Los Angeles, immigrant rights are taken very seriously. This especially applies to matters that involve citizenship, since many immigrants work to obtain their green cards or visas as an end goal and being denied citizenship can be devastating.

One legal citizen might be facing more of an uphill battle than she initially anticipated. Her application was reportedly denied on the basis that her “ethical values are [not] secular” and she therefore has no ground to argue against bearing arms for the United States, even though she marked down on her application that she would not bear arms. This has lead to some opposition deeming this move as unconstitutional.

City council discovers what a powerful symbol detainment centers are

As some in Los Angeles may know, there have been some recent issues regarding detainment centers and detention facilities recently. When it comes to immigration detention, which is a sensitive issue to begin with, tensions rise easily and situations can escalate quickly.

One battle may open up in Santa Maria, which has up to this point had a very good reputation with its immigration community. This is a good thing, since agriculture makes up a large portion of Santa Maria’s income and a huge number of agricultural workers are immigrants. However, a recent detainment facility may put all of that into jeopardy soon. The city officials who green-lighted the idea thought that it was simple enough, since it would just be placing a temporary detainment facility on land that isn’t used.

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