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Immigrant children flounder in court without help

Immigration advocate groups in Los Angeles may have a lot on their plates. Between all of the waffling on U.S. immigration law changes and the recent influx of immigrant youths, many people are seeing that the current immigration system is not working.

Recent government action could have thousands of immigrants being deported soon, and it has immigration activists up in arms. Due to the fact that so many families and unaccompanied youths are coming over from South America lately, the government has decides to try speeding up the deportation process by bumping forward any cases having to do with those two groups of people. They are expanding their ability to handle deportation cases because of this, too, with 343 judges from 59 courts being assigned to the task.

Federal immigration detention request denials continue to spread

Many in Los Angeles may be celebrating a recent decision made by the LAPD that affect immigrants across the city. While immigration detention is a big problem, the piggybacked issue of ICE officials using jail time to catch immigrants is now finished.

In what is partially being called an attempt at fostering trust between the community and the police force, the LAPD has announced that it will no longer take any requests to hold immigrants beyond their release date if they're eligible for deportation. Over the last 773 requests, only 300 were honored. From that alone, police have reported that the crime rate over the past 3 years has fallen and that it likely is because police are trusted more with the immigration community and advocate groups when they aren't working with ICE.

Rooting out the core block against immigration reform

Immigrants and activists who live in Los Angeles are likely aware of the spotlight that has been on immigration issues with the rise of immigrants from Southern border countries. Due to the rise, immigration detention has also been increased lately, which has caused criticism to arise in immigration activists groups.

This includes Murrieta, which has recently attempted to shift the blame from themselves to the White House. Due to the fact that many immigrants are coming from Southern countries including Guatemala and El Salvador, the facilities in Texas at the Rio Grande border are actually overfilling. Because of this, the overflow has been sent to California facilities, which is what has prompted protests against the mass transport of these immigrants.

Finding the root cause of recent migrant flood

Immigrants and activists who live in Los Angeles are privy to more information on immigration than some. This means that many people in the area realize that the struggle to obtain permanent residency permission is actually very difficult for the immigrants who try to obtain it through current legal routes.

Many people believe that easy citizenship is the reason that immigrants have been increasing in number lately. Some believe that DACA in particular, the program that is responsible for protecting underage migrants, is creating a big draw for immigrant youths from South America by saying that they will be awarded with amnesty if they cross the border.

New immigration issue divides parties further

Some people who live in Los Angeles are privy to immigration news faster than most because of the high volume of immigrants here. Recently, family immigration has become a hot topic due to the fact that many families, single parents or unaccompanied children are crossing from South America.

Many are calling the last few months a national immigration crisis due to the fact that twice as many immigrant youths have entered from South America since October than in the entire previous year. Around 52,000 unaccompanied children have already been detained and many are deported back to their own country. However, the number continues to grow, which has lead officials to believe that new or different steps should be taken.

Government struggles to deal with huge spike in illegally migrating children

Those in Los Angeles may have noticed the fact that there has been a recent spike in youth migration. Drawn by the promise of citizenship or amnesty, people have been fleeing by the thousands from South America, leading to a country-wide problem.

Children who arrive in America unaccompanied are often placed in a situation that is deemed most suitable for their safety. This generally means that the child is given to relatives who live in the country or put in the foster care system. However, this has also fostered the idea that immigrant youths who come to America will be allowed to stay in the country indefinitely, which has caused a spike in immigrant youth arrival from the south over the last year.

Immigrant children flee to America in large groups

Immigrants in Los Angeles may have heard about the recent border crisis. While some immigrants may take a child when crossing the border, there has been a recent spike in unaccompanied children who are crossing the border in large groups together.

Critics have turned their attention to DACA in a recent move that has immigration activists on edge. This program was put into place by the Obama administration in an attempt to lower the risks that undocumented immigrant youths have to face. However, some are saying that DACA is acting as an enticement to bring more immigrant children over the border, creating the current child migration crisis that has been gaining attention lately. Some believe that the National Guard should be deployed.

ICE detainment requests may become defunct soon

Undocumented immigrants who are living in Los Angeles may have one less thing to worry about when it comes to detainment. Those of immigration status may soon no longer have to worry about being held beyond their sentencing time in order for ICE agents to come pick them up, which could be a big relief for many.

As things currently work, ICE agents can hand out detainment requests to jails which generally request for undocumented immigrants to be held past their sentencing time. This issue started getting more time in the headlines after one woman was unable to pay her bail due to ICE. She was then held for 48 hours and once that time was over, instead of being released, ICE agents came to apprehend her. Many are saying that this move was unfair, and that opinion has gained momentum.

Immigrants may be facing more delay on reform

As many in Los Angeles know, the Democrats and Republicans have been working for a long time now in an attempt to unite over immigration issues in the country. When it comes to our current U.S. immigration law, many believe it to be outdated and are working hard to change it to fix the situation of the current day.

Despite that, there have still been many large disagreements between the two parties. Now, some fear that any chance of cooperation could have been flushed down the toilet. In a recent battle between one college professor and House Majority leader Eric Cantor, Cantor was portrayed in an unflattering light. The professor stated that not only was he out of touch with the district that he served, but that he was essentially trying to grant immigrants amnesty.

Families may be split up by 'Age Out' rule

Immigrants and activists alike in Los Angeles have been up in arms over a new ruling. The ruling is partially related to obtaining citizenship and the difficulties that children may face if they hit 21 while waiting.

The problem of ‘aging out’ has recently been given a ruling. In a move that sides with the Obama Administration, the Supreme Court has recently ruled that there are to be minimal exceptions for the rule that children of immigrants who hit 21 while waiting for a visa need to essentially go to the back of the line. This means that if a child and their parent sign up for a visa when the child is younger and the child ages to 21 while they’re waiting, they will need to start the wait over again.

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