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L.A., N.Y. and D.C. reminded that marriage fraud costs more than it is worth

Immigrants and immigrant supporters in Los Angeles may do whatever they can in order to aid immigrants. However, when it comes to obtaining citizenship, it is important for everyone to realize what they are getting into if they try to help someone become a citizen.

Obtaining citizenship makes voting easier

It may be difficult for undocumented citizens in Los Angeles to go about their daily activities due to the limitations that they have because of their lack of papers. Without filing for citizenship, many important things are taken off the table, such as the opportunity to vote during city, state or national elections.

House introduces bill that could hurt immigrants rather than help

Immigrants in Los Angeles who are waiting for their green cards may be in for some sour news. The path to citizenship is not getting any easier despite promises due to continued disagreement between the House and Senate.

Does being Atheist disallow you from not bearing arms for the U.S.?

When it comes to the immigrant community in Los Angeles, immigrant rights are taken very seriously. This especially applies to matters that involve citizenship, since many immigrants work to obtain their green cards or visas as an end goal and being denied citizenship can be devastating.

Healthcare inclusion could be on the horizon for Los Angeles immigrants

The immigrant community in Los Angeles is massive. Many in both the city and the state on a whole are involved in the recent battle for a new path to citizenship, so it isn’t surprising that California is one of the first states to offer a progressive change regarding undocumented immigrants and healthcare

Health care continues to be elusive for undocumented immigrants

There are many in Los Angeles who have immigrant relatives, friends or are immigrants themselves. To this group of people, the steps being taken toward a new path for citizenship may still be moving too slowly. Even though many are glad that change is being made, the speed at which this change is happening is causing more problems and concerns undocumented immigrants.

Latino vote important enough to motivate GOP toward immigration reform

For those in Los Angeles who are fighting for a reform in immigration law that makes obtaining citizenship easier for everyone, there have been a few recent moves that make many reform-pushers hopeful. This includes the recent move by the GOP party to finally address the immigration reform issues that they have been ignoring since the bill was first proposed.

Survey says immigrants more concerned with deportation than citizenship

For many immigrants living and working in Los Angeles, becoming a U.S. citizen through naturalization is the realization of a dream. Immigrants want the ability to live in the United States permanently. But over the past couple of decades, the pathway to citizenship has become more of a challenge, especially as deportation proceedings have become more commonplace in recent years. Recent surveys suggest that immigrants are now more focused on the desire to be free from the threat of deportation than becoming U.S. citizens.

California Latinos could set the leadership standard

Los Angeles residents are likely well aware by now that those who seek citizenship in the U.S. are currently battling for change in immigration laws and views tied to immigration. With trouble in the Congress finally dying down, many are able to examine the workings of Latino populations a little more closely, and the jury is still out regarding opinion.

Tax return difficulties may make road to citizenship rockier

As a hugely diverse area, Los Angeles sports some huge immigrant-sympathetic populations who are fighting very hard for the restoration of the path to citizenship for all currently undocumented immigrants. However, government help may actually be creating another obstacle for many fighting for this equality.

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