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Requirements for EB-1 and O-1 visas

In some cases, you may be able to take a job in the U.S. based on your profession or area of employment. There are other cases in which your extreme talent in the area of your work may be enough to bring you over to the country either for a short stay or for an indefinite period of time.

What is required of someone applying for naturalization?

If someone is looking into becoming a naturalized citizen of the U.S., they must be prepared for the application process. Not only are there a number of papers to file and documents to collect, but there is also a test that must be passed in order for a naturalization application to be approved.

California’s unique method of handling immigration

While a good deal of negative press has been garnered by states that have been cracking down on immigrants, other states are improving the lives of immigrants. In fact, immigration reform efforts in California have led to a unique set-up in which the immigrant community can integrate rather than be deported.

Living and working in the U.S. like you want

If you are looking into becoming a naturalized citizen of the U.S., it is likely because you wish to live here permanently. This means that you would also like to legally be able to work in the U.S., which cannot be done if you are not a legal permanent resident of the country.

What can you get by having a dual citizenship?

Mobility is a key aspect in today’s society. Many jobs require people to travel out of their home country. Many people may also enjoy traveling to different countries just because of a love for the country itself, or because they enjoy traveling. In any case, having dual citizenship could benefit many travelers.

How can a person obtain United States citizenship

There are multiple ways that a person living in California can become a citizen of the United States. The path that is appropriate will depend upon the individual circumstances. The requirements for each path are unique but all roads lead to the ultimate goal of becoming a U.S. citizen. The process of achieving citizenship is referred to as naturalization.

What should you know about the U.S. naturalization test?

If you want to become a citizen of our country, the naturalization test is an important step in the application process. You might worry about how difficult this test is, especially if English is not your native language. Fortunately, the naturalization test has been designed for almost anyone to pass if they are dedicated to becoming a U.S. citizen. If you are willing to study and learn about our country’s history and governmental processes, you stand a good chance of passing the test. What are the basic elements of the naturalization test that you should know?

Immigrants can find great success in the U.S.

Since the founding of the United States, this country has been about providing opportunities for everyone who lives here. This includes immigrants. In fact, most American citizens today are descended from immigrants at some point in history. Many people have gone on to have their wildest dreams come true after coming to this country, while others have found success and happiness in more modest ways.

What are some of the challenges new U.S. citizens face?

The milestone of gaining a U.S. citizenship is something that you have a right to celebrate. The application process and citizenship testing for immigrants in Los Angeles often come at the end of a lengthy, arduous and stressful period. While this is a happy time for you and your family, it does not necessarily mean the end of your troubles. In fact, you may continue to face much of the same misunderstandings and even discrimination that you endured while working toward your citizenship.

What are some basic requirements to obtaining U.S. citizenship?

There are many ways through which a person may apply to become a citizen of the United States. Each one has its own set of eligibility requirements and associated naturalization and application process. Some of these requirements are shared and some vary from situation to situation.

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