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Government struggles to deal with huge spike in illegally migrating children

Those in Los Angeles may have noticed the fact that there has been a recent spike in youth migration. Drawn by the promise of citizenship or amnesty, people have been fleeing by the thousands from South America, leading to a country-wide problem.

Immigrant children may have new path to citizenship through school

Residents of Los Angeles may know that California has many large and good schools that immigrants may be afraid to attend because they don’t have a green card and could potentially be tracked down by registering for classes. However, that fear may soon become obsolete as measures are taken to use college to open up a new path to citizenship.

Potential discrimination could arise from rejection of license design

The buzz about immigrant driver’s licenses in Los Angeles may have hit a concerning roadblock recently. While the average U.S. citizen can obtain a standard license, the design for immigrant licenses has been deemed unfit for production due to the fact that there isn’t enough of a visual difference.

Nevada taken as a tale of precaution for new immigrant driverís license policy

Immigrants in the Los Angeles area may find things becoming a little easier for them in the future. While the battle for an easier path to citizenship rages on, many are finding other ways to alleviate immigrant hardships in the meantime.

Immigrants left without coverage after Obamacare goes into play

In Los Angeles, there may be a panic rising in regard to the new healthcare system that is about to be implemented. For those immigrants who have yet to receive proof of permanent residency, the new healthcare laws could mean that they aren’t going to be able to get the coverage they need.

Potential way to help 1 million of LAís uninsured gain healthcare arises

Immigrants in the Los Angeles area are potentially in for a pleasant surprise. While many are hoping to attain citizenship, the problem of attaining healthcare is still a very large one. However, due to the work of some activists, healthcare may soon be an option.

Taxes still paid by over half of undocumented immigrants

To those in Los Angeles who may be a part of the immigration community or are immigration activists, there is good news around the corner. A recent study has been released which could help many undocumented immigrants gain more respect that they deserve. Even those who do not have citizenship are contributing to taxes, making the immigrant populace one that is carrying its own weight.

L.A., N.Y. and D.C. reminded that marriage fraud costs more than it is worth

Immigrants and immigrant supporters in Los Angeles may do whatever they can in order to aid immigrants. However, when it comes to obtaining citizenship, it is important for everyone to realize what they are getting into if they try to help someone become a citizen.

Obtaining citizenship makes voting easier

It may be difficult for undocumented citizens in Los Angeles to go about their daily activities due to the limitations that they have because of their lack of papers. Without filing for citizenship, many important things are taken off the table, such as the opportunity to vote during city, state or national elections.

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